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Mirror Tennis – Righty Rafael Nadal vs Lefty Juan Martin Del Potro

Del Potro Video Ranking: 5 / five

Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych took on each other at the start of this year

There was some heat out there on the court when Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych took on each other at the start of this year and the reason for that was a woman, Dani Vallverdu.

Vallverdu had been in the support staff of Murray until the last season and then, she decided to switch to Berdych.

That probably provided Murray a little bit of extra fire in his belly when he came up against Berdych at the Melbourne Park.

The 26-year old wanted to prove a point to Vallverdu and he did that successfully as he completely blew away Berdych.

The duo is going to meet again in Miami in a couple of days’ time and it should not be surprising if the atmosphere remains heated there as well.

Murray and Berdych actually share quite a good relationship between themselves. Both have been mates since their teenage. So, no personal rift seems to exist there, but, still, there would be fierce competitiveness and both the players would be going flat out to make a mark.

Murray though said yesterday that he had no hard feelings in his heart for Vallverdu and he would even be inviting her in his wedding ceremony that is going to be held shortly. Read more »

Juan Martin Del Potro vs Andrey Kuznetsov | ATP Rome BNL Tennis Italy 2013

Del Potro Online video Rating: five / 5

Championships Drive – Juan Martin Del Potro

Del Potro Video Rating: 4 / five

Tennis Elbow 2014 —– 60fps —- Roger Federer vs Juan Martin del Potro

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Juan Martin Del Potro is best Player at Professional Level

It’s believed that a tennis player must have got two things to be able to become highly successful at the professional level and those are talent and physical strength.

But, if you are blessed with these two things, are you guaranteed to become a tennis legend?

Ask this question to the experts and they would say no and the greatest example of that is Juan Martin Del Potro.

The 26-year old Argentinean is skilled and powerful enough to go to the biggest heights of success in the game, but, one thing that always obstructs his way is his poor fitness. Read more »