Anna Kournikova spotted with rumored break up boyfriend Enrique Iglesias

On 20th April in Miami Anna and Enrique were spotted together in a powerboat speculated to be their holiday outing. Anna Kournikova had taken the task of managing the wheel of the powerboat. Apparently it was an Easter outing which put the rumors of a break up to rest.

Enrique had sent tweets wishing everyone a happy Easter on the same day. The rumored dating period is 12 years now but they are still spotted together on occasions which led the fans to believe that they are still going strong. While on boat they both looked compatible with each other and were relaxed. Both were taking in turns to be the captain of the boat. The destination was some place near to Enrique’s neighborhood that they went by boat. Anna Kournikova was looking every inch a diva as she usually does with a black tee top over a red bikini top and her hairs were tied up in a top notch pony plait. Casually dressed Enrique, himself was wearing a white tee shirt on top of beige cargoes and a baseball cap.

In some other pictures the dress of Anna Kournikova appears to be different so one does not whether it was an arrival or a departure picture. Both of them were seen clinking glass together. In one of the picture Enrique was steering the boat while Anna lay beside him watching him drove past the waters. They looked close and comfortable in each other’s company after a reported break up in October.

Anna is one person who has never let her personal life do the talking and she maintains silence in such matters. Apparently Enrique had purchased a house near to the water front in Miami with a tennis court.