Del Potro In The Stuttgart Open

As in the first week of June 2016 fans of Juan Martin Del Potro will find the player gearing up to play in Wimbledon.

It would be part of the Stuttgart Open tournament. He, along with Roger Federer would be testing injuries in the run period in Wimbledon. It has already begun as fans get ready to witness action in the grass courts where Stuttgart Open would be hosted.

If you recollect, Rafael Nadal had won an edition about a year back. The court had a clay surface, then which has been switched since. Nadal this time is out of action as he is nursing an injury in this wrist. However, Federer is there to represent him in this tournament.  Federer, who is 34 years of age and of Swiss origin, would be practicing on Sunday. The courts have been laid about a year ago by specialists for Wimbledon. The unofficial approval for the same was received in 2015. John McEnroe had a hit on the court surface when a dedication ceremony was going on, hosted at the Weissenhof club. Federer has been off the circulation as his back pain had been troubling him. However, his trainers have stated that he is fit for the match now.

Del Potro won the Stuttgart game last in 20018. It was the first of the eighteen trophies he has won in his playing career. The win had been on a clay court. He chose the venue after his last game when he lost to Jack Stock in Madrid. About thirteen matches have been played by him this year. Though Federer will prove to be a formidable opponent for him, his fans would be backing him up for sure in this tournament. As it continues to unravel, it means days of happy game watching for everyone.