Juan Martin Del Potro is best Player at Professional Level

It’s believed that a tennis player must have got two things to be able to become highly successful at the professional level and those are talent and physical strength.

But, if you are blessed with these two things, are you guaranteed to become a tennis legend?

Ask this question to the experts and they would say no and the greatest example of that is Juan Martin Del Potro.

The 26-year old Argentinean is skilled and powerful enough to go to the biggest heights of success in the game, but, one thing that always obstructs his way is his poor fitness.

He struggles to remain fit for a long period of time. After every 2-3 months, he damages some part of his body which obviously disturbs his rhythm and it has started happening more with him in the recent times.

Not too many players would have missed more matches than him in the last one and half years.

He is not going to be there in the Australian Open this year either. That’s real shame. You always want as much quality as possible in Grand Slams. Somebody like Del Potro would have tested top guys at Melbourne Park.

Del Potro, whose current world ranking is 276, has promised a lot in the last 10 years that he has spent playing on the tour, but, he has never produced the kind of success that he has been tipped to.

He does have a slam in his tally, but, he is the kind of player for whom just one slam is very little.

He is powerful and stylish at the same time and equally good on slow as well quick surfaces. But, it’s his tendency to get unfit from time to time which is not letting his career take off.