Murray Appoints Mauresmo

Andy Murray has appointed Amelie Mauresmo has his new coach just a few weeks before the start of the Wimbledon Championships.

This decision of the world no. 5 has raised a few eyebrows and rightly so. There were some top names in contention for the post, then why on earth he decided to go with somebody like Mauresmo who not only belongs to a different category, but, also hasn’t had a great record as a player.

However, those who have seen Murray from close quarters are not overly surprised with his move. When he had decided to associate with Ivan Lendl, the Czech was not an experienced coach, but, everybody knows how much Murray got facilitated by that association. So, perhaps, that would have prompted the Scot to give the job to somebody lesser renowned again.

When Andy Murray was playing his first round match against Andrey Golubev of Kazakhstan in the French Open, Mauresmo was present there watching, but, people didn’t pay that much attention to it at that point of time.

There have been a lot of people in the male tennis category who don’t rate female’s game that high, but, Murray is slightly different. He has always been a vocal admirer of female tennis and last week, he had even hailed Taylor Townsend, the teenage sensation from USA, for her recent performances.

As far as Mauresmo’s career graph is concerned, it isn’t as high as it should be considering her potential. She won only a couple of Grand Slam singles titles in her career out of which one was Wimbledon, while, the other was the Australian Open. She also became the top ranked player in the world, but, still, many people reckon that she should have achieved more.