Rafael Nadal is pretty cool in admitting that he is not the most dominant tennis player in the world anymore.

The Spaniard suffered a defeat against Andy Murray on his home turf last week which saw him falling below number 5 in world rankings.  For the last decade Nadal had been able to maintain his position in the top 5 despite his injury issues and all, but, because of some very average performances off late, he is now the 6th ranked player in the world and his career seems to be going only one direction; down south.

Nadal knows that too and he does not shy away from the reality. He talked his heart out to the reports after the defeat to Murray, and acknowledges that even if the bookies such as titanbet have him down as one of the favourites, he has to perform at his very best in order to have a chance of taking the title.


When asked what he thinks about his current situation, the 28-year old said, “Well, I have not been able to perform as well as I am supposed to and that is there for everyone to see. But, it happens in sports you know. You don’t just keep ruling your way through all the time.”

“Life goes on whether you are at the sixth position in the rankings or at the top. I think I am playing well. You might not agree to that if you consider the recent results, but, sometimes, it’s about how you feel as a player.”

There has been a general opinion that Nadal might be better off making a few changes in his support staff, but the 10-time French Open Champion dismissed any chances of him doing that in near future.

Nadal was quoted as saying, “It can’t be the fault of the support staff. If I am failing on the court, the blame falls on me. I have worked with the same set of people whole my career and have achieved so much. So, you must keep that in mind as well.”