Roddicks Prediction Horribly Wrong

Andy Roddick’s prediction about the winner of the French Open men’s singles title went completely wrong.

The former American player was backing the Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic to get better of the Spaniard Rafael Nadal in the final at Roland Garros, but, that didn’t happen. It’s actually Nadal who emerged out victorious.

Talking to the reporters on the eve of the final, Roddick had said, “Look, I have got a huge amount of respect for Rafa in my heart. He has won a number of titles here at Roland Garros in the past and thus, it’s very difficult to pick somebody else as favourite for the title, but, I would still put my money on Novak just because of the fact that he has been in far better form than Rafa on clay of late.”

“The previous French Open semi final has been the only occasion in the last 12 months when Rafa has beaten Novak on clay. In all the other matches, Novak seems to have played better than him. So, I strongly believe this is Novak’s year and he should be able to pull it off.”

“I won’t mind to be proven wrong to be honest, but, on the basis of Novak’s recent form, I have got to pick him.”

Roddick has always been known as one of those people who don’t hesitate in saying what they feel. But, this is a real bold prediction by him. It would be interesting to see if he proves to be right or he would have to eat his words at the end. Whoever wins though, the fans can expect a tight final as both Nadal and Djokovic would give it their all at the court. This final means a lot for both of them.