Del Potro In The Stuttgart Open

As in the first week of June 2016 fans of Juan Martin Del Potro will find the player gearing up to play in Wimbledon.

It would be part of the Stuttgart Open tournament. He, along with Roger Federer would be testing injuries in the run period in Wimbledon. It has already begun as fans get ready to witness action in the grass courts where Stuttgart Open would be hosted.

If you recollect, Rafael Nadal had won an edition about a year back. The court had a clay surface, then which has been switched since. Nadal this time is out of action as he is nursing an injury in this wrist. However, Federer is there to represent him in this tournament.  Federer, who is 34 years of age and of Swiss origin, would be practicing on Sunday. The courts have been laid about a year ago by specialists for Wimbledon. The unofficial approval for the same was received in 2015. John McEnroe had a hit on the court surface when a dedication ceremony was going on, hosted at the Weissenhof club. Federer has been off the circulation as his back pain had been troubling him. However, his trainers have stated that he is fit for the match now. Read more »

The thought of retiring from the game had crossed the minds of Juan Martin Del Potro

The thought of retiring from the game had crossed the minds of Juan Martin Del Potro when he had to go through repeated surgeries the previous year, but, he shrugged it off and he is pretty determined now to make a comeback in 2016.

Del Potro has played very little in the last twenty months and as a result, has seen his singles world rankings slipping down to 582.

His fans would be desperate for him to come back and show his old class again, but, it would not be that easy for the Argentinean after having so many operations on that same body part.

There has been a suggestion that Del Potro, who normally plays his backhand shots holding the racket with both his hands, would be better off playing that shot using one hand only as quite a few other players do.

But, recently, talking to a website, Del Potro made it clear that he’s not going to make any changes in his playing style and would continue playing the way he has always been. Read more »

Juan Martin Del Potro has had to endure a painful period off late

Juan Martin Del Potro has had to endure a painful period off late and he is still not in peace.

His career has taken a real pounding since the time he sustained a wrist injury and now, there are suspicions that he might not be able to fully recover from it ever.

He has been in touch with his doctor and if the reports coming from the close sources have any authenticity, then, the Argentina native has been advised to have another surgery on the damaged wrist.

Having already had surgery a couple of times, Del Potro is a bit reluctant to go under the knife again without any guarantee.

His situation at the current moment is not said to be good at all.

Recently, one of his close friends was quoted as saying, “Juan has not trained for some time. It’s almost impossible for him to train. He desperately wants to be back playing, but, unfortunately, he has not been able to do so. He has travelled to America quite a few times to have meetings with the doctor. He is only 26 at the moment and he does not want the road to end for him at this stage, but, at some point of time, he is bound to get tired.”

Del Potro has played just one tournament this year i.e. the Apia International Sydney Tennis Tournament. Read more »

Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych took on each other at the start of this year

There was some heat out there on the court when Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych took on each other at the start of this year and the reason for that was a woman, Dani Vallverdu.

Vallverdu had been in the support staff of Murray until the last season and then, she decided to switch to Berdych.

That probably provided Murray a little bit of extra fire in his belly when he came up against Berdych at the Melbourne Park.

The 26-year old wanted to prove a point to Vallverdu and he did that successfully as he completely blew away Berdych.

The duo is going to meet again in Miami in a couple of days’ time and it should not be surprising if the atmosphere remains heated there as well.

Murray and Berdych actually share quite a good relationship between themselves. Both have been mates since their teenage. So, no personal rift seems to exist there, but, still, there would be fierce competitiveness and both the players would be going flat out to make a mark.

Murray though said yesterday that he had no hard feelings in his heart for Vallverdu and he would even be inviting her in his wedding ceremony that is going to be held shortly. Read more »

Juan Martin Del Potro is best Player at Professional Level

It’s believed that a tennis player must have got two things to be able to become highly successful at the professional level and those are talent and physical strength.

But, if you are blessed with these two things, are you guaranteed to become a tennis legend?

Ask this question to the experts and they would say no and the greatest example of that is Juan Martin Del Potro.

The 26-year old Argentinean is skilled and powerful enough to go to the biggest heights of success in the game, but, one thing that always obstructs his way is his poor fitness. Read more »

Del Potro wont feature in Brisbane Internation Tennis

Juan Martin Del Potro is not going to feature in the Brisbane International Tennis tournament that is starting in the first week of the New Year.

He has made a slight change to his scheduling. Now, he would make his comeback to competitive tennis by participating in another hard court tournament in Australia i.e. Apia International Sydney Tennis tournament.

Del Potro has been out of the game for just less than a year, 11 months to be precise.

The last time that he had featured on the tour was in one of the tournaments in United Arab Emirates the previous year.

He had actually withdrawn himself during his first game in that tournament because of his wrist problem.

The 26-year old went under the knife thereafter and it took him a fairly long time to be able to recover from that operation and obviously, his ranking went down quite a bit during his absence from the game.

At this point of time, the Argentinean stands at no. 140. But, that’s not a problem. He would surely make an upward surge from there once he is up and running.

Confirming his participation in Sydney, Del Potro said, “I had fond memories of the tournament that I had played in Sydney in January last year. I had got a lot of support and I am expecting the same again. There could not have been a better place for me to get the season started. I hope I get into my rhythm quickly and go all the way to defend the crown.”

Del Potro had won the Apia International last season. That was the only singles competition that he won in 2014.

He would want his campaign to go the same smooth route this time around too there in Sydney.